Public Service Announcements

As a member of the Great Lakes Transportation Association, HPSTS and the Partner School Boards have been instrumental in developing a series of School Bus Safety related PSA’s for use by the Association members.

Over the years, PSA’s have been created for TV and Radio based on the content of the message and the audience we were trying to reach. Our latest effort focusing School Bus Loading Zones was produced for TV. We are currently researching updating our older TV content to HD.

The Great Lakes Transportation Association also makes these PSA’s available for a subscription rate to other organizations and Consortia.

Select this link to view our public service announcements

We continue to support our School Bus Operators as they work hard to hire and train new drivers.

The following bus routes will be cancelled on Monday, September 28, 2020. This list is subject to change, please check the BusPlanner Alerts page after 5:30am for a complete list.

Operator Route
Murphys Seaforth MSEA-SPS-7- PM ONLY - **(Please note the morning route will run)
Murphys Seaforth MSEA-SPS-8
First Student Goderich FS-Goder-04
Murphys Clinton MC-St.BONIFACE_01
Montgomery Bus Lines MBL_Wingham_22
First Student Stratford FS-Stfd_07

Cartoon image of the front of a yellow school bus