John Orr - Huron Perth Student Transportation Services

John Orr

John Orr

First Student Goderich would like to recognize John Orr.

John began as a driver with First Student Goderich on January 7, 2008 and has been a driver of a specialized transportation vehicle for most of those 10 years. John takes care to know how his passengers react to their environment and he is able to develop a great rapport by finding ways to communicate with the children to make their ride enjoyable as well as educational.  He makes learning a fun experience for all. This school year, John’s route changed from being an in-town route where he has known the children for a while to a route with only 2 students.

In the short time that he has been transporting these children, it is obvious he has developed an outstanding rapport with them already. Wednesday October 4, he went to the school early as he had been invited by the teacher to join one of his students in the classroom to help him make wings so that he could fly. John readily accepted the invitation and enjoyed the time spent helping his passenger in the classroom environment.

John’s willingness to always lend a helping hand, excellent communication with his passengers, and genuinely care about their feelings and well being, makes him a great driver with First Student.