Helen Koricina - Huron Perth Student Transportation Services

Helen Koricina

Helen Koricina

J & T Murphy Exeter would like to recognize Helen Koricina.

Helen has been in the Murphy Bus Lines family for many years. In fact, in January of 2019, it will be 30 years. She fondly speaks of how she came to drive for the Murphy’s. Helen had been caring for her mother for a year. Six months after her mother passed Helen decided she should be doing something. Murphy’s had an ad in the newspaper looking for drivers so she called them up and started driving for them the next morning. She started driving a car and drove to many different schools over her career. She did get her B licence, but did not want to drive a big bus. Occasionally Helen would end up driving the commuter bus between Arva and Lucan where it was like a party bus listening to all the lively chatting of the drivers. When McCurdy Public School in Huron Park closed, Helen did start to drive a big bus to Hensall daily. It was at this time when Helen also had a monitor riding on her bus. This would be Helen’s route for many years. Helen now drives a Specialized Transportation vehicle and is caring and conscientious with her students and their parents on a daily basis.

Helen always has a smile and can be counted on to always have time to stop and chat. Helen will tell you she really appreciates Murphy’s and is loyal to them because they have always “treated her right”. Helen takes great pride in her work and enjoys coming to work every day and does so with a professional attitude. Helen is always trying to bring new drivers to our profession and our company. Helen is an exemplary employee, attends all of the safety meetings and is a proud supporter of Murphy Bus Lines. In all of her years of service Helen has only missed one of the annual Christmas parties and really enjoys getting to see all the people she has worked with through the years.

Thank you Helen, we appreciate you!