Helen Hummel

Helen Hummel

J&T Murphy Clinton would like to recognize Helen Hummel

Helen began her bus driving career with Murphy Bus Lines in 1994.  For many years Helen serviced Blyth Public School until its closing.  Since that time she has driven for Hullett Central Public School. She is always friendly and courteous.  She has the ability to manage her students with respect and fairness. Each day Helen has a friendly wave to her fellow colleagues who she meets on her daily travels.  She is well liked by her students (present and past), school staff and her community.

Each year Helen participates in the Bus Evacuation Program held at the school, enjoying teaching safety techniques to her passengers.  She attends all safety training sessions offered by Murphy Bus Lines stating that she learns something new at each meeting. Helen is an “accident free” driver always putting the safety of her students firs and foremost in all she does.

Helen has an exemplary attendance record and is never late for her scheduled duties.  Her bus is kept clean and organized.  

Thank you Helen for your daily commitment to the safe, reliable and responsible transportation of our passengers.