Gord Vivian

Image of man in ball cap and plaid shirt standing next to a bus

Gord Vivian

Murphy’s Bus Lines Mitchell location would like to recognize Gord Vivian.

Gord has driven a school bus since 2002. He attends all safety training programs provided by Murphy’s and is a great participant and a helpful resource for all drivers. His friendly personality and firm, fair and consistent attitude makes him a great bus driver.

Gord is an active member of the community and a great promoter of school bus driving in our area. He is always ready to lend a hand around the yard and willing to switch runs to help when other drivers are off. He receives the Tom Murphy safety award each year. He also receives full attendance recognition for not missing any time. Gord drives all sizes of vehicles in the Murphy fleet and is trained in Special Needs. Gord’s team is proud to recognize him for the award.

Congratulation Gord!