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2019-2020 School Year Route Information AVAILABLE NOW

Please Remember: to check this site frequently the last week before school resumes. Routes are changing daily due to new registrations and other school updates which may affect the pick up and drop off times of your child. Please ensure that you have the latest information!

What do you need?

Ontario Education Number (OEN)

  • This can be found on your child’s latest report card and should have 9 numbers
  • Only include the numbers – do not include hyphens
  • If the report card only has 8 numbers then include a zero 0 before the 8 numbers

Date of Birth – Please use the calendar widget to enter the date

House Address Number or 9-1-1 Address – House NUMBER only

School Name

  • The School that the child will be attending in September 2019
  • This can be selected from the pull-down list

When you gain access to the portal, you will be able to see such information as your child’s eligibility for bus transportation, the bus Route Number, approximate morning pick-up time and location, approximate afternoon drop-off time and location, transfer bus information, School Bus Company and more.

The information contained within this portal is updated twice daily; once between noon and 1:00 pm and once overnight. The portal is not available for use during these periods.

To gain access to the Parent Portal, select the link below. Select the “Student Login” tab and begin entering the required data.

BusPlanner Web

*****Please Note: As this information is regularly updated, the information may also change on a frequent basis due to new student registrations, approved alternate transportation requests, etc. Please check your child’s information on a regular basis to ensure that you have the most accurate information for your child’s first day of school.

Families whose students did not attend Avon Maitland or Huron Perth schools last year will receive a phone call from your local School Bus Operator to inform you about your child’s school bus route information.