Bruce Horton

Bruce Horton

J & T Murphy Ltd Clinton would like to recognize Bruce Horton as an exceptional driver and valued employee.

Bruce obtained his B licence in 1998 and has been driving full-time since that date. Bruce’s daily routine consists of transporting elementary and secondary school aged children who attend the AMDSB and HPCDSB schools.

Bruce is the epitome of the professional school bus driver. He is conscientious and meticulous in every aspect of his daily routine.

The safety of his passengers is first and foremost in everything that Bruce does. He instills the importance of safety in each student that he transports. When crossing in front of the bus, each student from JK to grade 12, can be witnessed looking to Bruce for direction before crossing. Each year Bruce participates in bus evacuation drills, teaching his students how to keep safe on and off the bus in case of an emergency or incident. Bruce attends every safety and training session that is offered by the company. If he is uncertain of a new policy or procedure he does not hesitate to ask informed questions so that he may better educate himself, thus providing optimal service to his students. His diligence to safety can be noted by his collision free driving record.

In every action and conversation with students or co- workers it is evident that Bruce respects each individual and in return is given the same respect. Each student is greeted with a “good morning” and receive a “have a good day” when they have arrived at school.

Bruce is an exemplary member of the MBL family and deserving of recognition for his dedication to safety.