Bonnie Hymers

Bonnie Hymers

J & T Murphy Ltd Mitchell would like to recognize Bonnie Hymers.

Bonnie has been driving a school bus for 29 years, has received perfect attendance for years, and has received the Tom Murphy award for safe driving since the program started.    She is the driver you can always go to at the last minute for help, even if it is only to deliver items forgotten on the school bus from the Mitchell office to the school.

Bonnie is the driver that the Mitchell location will call in the winter months or on fog days, as early as 5 AM, to see how the weather is in Monkton.

Bonnie volunteers her time for programs including picking up MDHS students each year after their annual walkathon, and making sure that the Murphy drivers get home safely after their annual Christmas party.

She was always part of the solution in helping to improve student success on the bus and is willing to try any suggestions to keep the students on her bus safe.

Bonnie takes part in all training supplied by Murphy’s and is always willing to offer help and suggestions to other drivers.

As one of our main charter drivers in Mitchell, groups will call and ask for her in particular to drive their group. She pays attention to details, and is always accommodating to the groups. She is professional in dealing with parents and students, and is a great asset to the busing community. Her shining example is what all bus drivers should want to be! Amazing person.