Yearly Archive October 23, 2020

Image of man in ball cap and plaid shirt standing next to a bus

Gord Vivian

Murphy’s Bus Lines Mitchell location would like to recognize Gord Vivian.

Gord has driven a school bus since 2002. He attends all safety training programs provided by Murphy’s and is a great participant and a helpful resource for all drivers. His friendly personality and firm, fair and consistent attitude makes him a great bus driver.

Gord is an active member of the community and a great promoter of school bus driving in our area. He is always ready to lend a hand around the yard and willing to switch runs to help when other drivers are off. He receives the Tom Murphy safety award each year. He also receives full attendance recognition for not missing any time. Gord drives all sizes of vehicles in the Murphy fleet and is trained in Special Needs. Gord’s team is proud to recognize him for the award.

Congratulation Gord!

Man in dark jacket standing alongside a school bus

Wayne Keller

Murphy’s Bus Lines Clinton location are proud to recognize Wayne Keller. Wayne’s career as a bus driver with Murphy’s has spanned over 4 decades.

Wayne obtained his license in 1979 to supplement his income and meet people in his community. Although many things have changed in the bussing industry during his career, the thing that has remained constant is the importance of safety of passengers.

Safety is something that Wayne takes seriously. Wayne has maintained an accident-free driving record for 40 years, which is an amazing achievement for any driver. He participates every year in the Bus Evacuation program offered to incoming Kindergarten students.

Wayne is always friendly and courteous and has the ability to manage his students with respect and fairness. Each student is greeted with a friendly smile and a “good morning”. The school staff has commented that even during these unprecedented times they know Wayne is smiling underneath his mask.

40 years of driving has given Wayne the ability to mentor other drivers. He is very sociable and well-liked by his fellow drivers, as well as parents and management. He is a loyal employee with very high personal standards.
One of the most memorable highlights of Wayne’s career has been the privilege of driving three generation of one family.

Thank you Wayne for your continued dedication in safely transporting children to and from school each and every day.

Collage of comments from children about how much they appreciate Glenda. Small photo of smiling woman with short hair in centre.

Glenda Wuerth

The Murphy’s Bus Lines Exeter location would like to recognize Glenda Wuerth. Glenda has been a Bus Driver for Murphy Bus Lines in Exeter since 2015. She has proven to be one of the students’ favourite bus drivers. The staff and Principal at her school sing very high praises of her. She has been described as “magical” and “wonderful.” Glenda loves the students and thinks of them all as “her kids.” You will see Glenda dressed up in costume for all of the different holidays, just to brighten the day for the students on her bus. We value and appreciate Glenda for all the love and compassion she brings to her job every day. Thank you for all you do for our students.

Image of Alison Robinson standing beside the front end of a school bus after dusk

Alison Robinson

Murphy’s Bus Lines – St. Marys would like to acknowledge Alison Robinson. Ali is always willing to go the “extra mile” when it comes to driving bus. She arrives early each morning and always checks in before she leaves in the evening. Her care of her workspace and her riders is beyond expectation. Her dedication to her job shows through daily. In Alison’s words: “I do this because I enjoy every part of bus driving. It starts and finishes my day and puts a smile on my face.”

Congratulations Alison!

National School Bus Safety Week. October 19-23, 2020. AMDSB logo and photo of yellow school bus.

Bill Overholt

Bill has worked for First Student for 20 years. Bill’s safety conscience, commitment and dedication clearly shows every day. Bill retired 20 years ago from another job and has been driving bus ever since. He is happy with his job and comments on how time flies by. Congratulations Bill!

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Heidi Burrowes

On Day 3 of School Bus Safety Week, Elliott Coach Lines would like to shine the spotlight on Heidi Burrowes. Heidi has been driving bus for Elliott Coach Lines for 6 years. She is a dedicated, dependable driver who goes above and beyond each day. She has an unique relationship with all of her special needs students, who look forward to seeing her each day. When not driving a school bus, Heidi enjoys singing and writing music. This year, due to the pandemic, she has taken a keen interest in gardening. Heidi’s bubbly personality and positive attitude make her a perfect candidate for driving a school bus. Congratulations Heidi.

Photo of middle-aged man standing beside school bus

John Forrest

John has been with Murphy Bus Lines for 10 years, and is one of our many awesome drivers. John has received our Tom Murphy Safe Driving Award almost every year. John is very thorough while doing his daily circle check. He is very good to the students riding his bus and makes them feel welcome every day.

Image of MJ Breen

MJ Breen

During School Bus Safety Week, we are happy to recognize MJ Breen from Montgomery Bus Lines. MJ has been driving children to Brookside Public School for 10 years. Her cheery attitude and relationship with her students and families is like no other. MJ is the type of driver who can’t wait for holidays to be over because she misses her students so much. Any child who rides MJ’s bus is truly blessed.

BusPlanner Delays App

Users can download and access the BusPlanner Delays App via the Apple or Android app stores. It helps mobile users view notifications more quickly and easily. 

Just like the BusPlanner Web Delays & Cancellations page, the app will display:

· Delay & cancellation notices for specific routes or runs

· School closure announcements for weather-related shutdowns

· General notices for all subscribers. 

Getting Started

BusPlanner Delays App Setup screen.
Type “HPSTS” in the Quick Code field

1. When you install and open the app for the first time, the “Welcome to BusPlanner Delays” page will open. Click Next to move on to the Setup page.

2. The Setup page will open. Choose the school board relevant to you from the dropdown, or enter the Quick Code – HPSTS

3. Click Verify. If your dropdown selection or access code is valid, a welcome message will appear.

4. Click Next.

Adding Route Notifications

First, add the school that your child attends:

1. On the Settings page, click For My Child’s Bus.

2. Choose a School from the dropdown menu.

3. Click the + button.The school will appear in the list below the dropdown.

4. Click Next.

Choose a route/run

Next, choose your child’s route:

1. Choose a Route/Run from the drop-down  

2. Click OK, then the + button.The route will appear in blue in the list below.

3. Click Done. Any route delays or cancellations will be listed on the main page.

4. If there are no delays or cancellations, the routes will not appear.

September 8, 2020 Communication for Families

School Bus Driver Shortages
Like many districts throughout the province, the Public Education systems in Huron and Perth counties are experiencing Bus Driver Shortages. This impacts school bus services coordinated by the Huron Perth Student Transportation Services (HPSTS) for the schools in both Avon Maitland District School Board and Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board.

School Bus Operators have shared that, despite active recruitment in the area, they are looking for approximately 40 school bus drivers across the two counties. This means that families should expect some days of school bus cancellations until the Bus Operators can fully staff these vacant positions. Cancellations will take place within a School Bus Operator region, and will rotate among the routes within that region.

Note: At this time, all regions in the two counties will be impacted. Further updates will be provided in the coming weeks. Schools will not be closed due to School Bus Driver Shortages, so we ask that families have a backup transportation plan.

Communication of Cancellations
Cancellations will be posted here on the HPSTS website as soon as possible, and in rare cases this may not be until the morning of. Families should monitor the website often to confirm their bus is running. Route cancellations for driver shortages will not be broadcast via the local media at this time, however weather delays or cancellations will.

New Communication Tool!
HPSTS is happy to share the release of a new, direct to family communication tool, called the BusPlanner Delays App. This free tool, used by most school boards in the province, allows for real-time communication from Bus Operators to families. Once registered, families and school communities will receive direct, instant communication regarding bus cancellations or delays. Watch for registration information coming soon!

Thank you for your understanding while we work to solve our bus driver shortage issue.

School Bus Driver Recruitment

Interested in becoming a School Bus Driver in Huron or Perth County? Please contact one of the following Bus Operator companies:

Elliott Coach Lines
(519) 418-4428

First Student Canada Inc.
(519) 393-6727

Montgomery Bus Lines
(519) 357-9191

Murphy Bus Lines
(519) 660-8200

Newry Coach Lines Ltd.
(519) 356-2611