Yearly Archive October 25, 2019

Harry Stuart

J & T Murphy Exeter would like to recognize driver Harry Stuart.

“I have the best students of all the drivers”.  This is what our driver Harry Stuart likes to brag about every year.  It is a constant rivalry between him and his wife Carol who also drives School Bus.

Harry started driving School Bus in Clinton for Barry Young driving a Special Education Bus in 1999 and has enjoyed a rewarding career driving a School Bus for Murphy Bus Lines.  

Harry likes to take an interest in his students and always encourages and inspires them to be their best.  Harry knows his students and expects them to have good manners and show respect and in return is respected by his students.  Harry is skilled at positive praise, letting his students know when they do something nice or respectful. Harry works at creating a relationship with his students and is often sought out to chat outside of the bus environment. Harry listens to his students and communicates the rules of the bus, leads by example and uses consequences that teach. 

Harry has had perfect attendance in the last 4 years and consistently received this award in other years. Harry is the recipient of the Tom Murphy Safe Driving Award. Harry likes to assist with Bus Evacuation drills where needed.  Harry is a member and secretary for the Employment Equity committee for the last 5 years. 

Harry constantly strives to find ways to attract new drivers to our profession and our company. Harry is an exemplary employee and proud supporter of Murphy Bus Lines.  Harry’s defensive driving skills and communication with students and staff makes Harry a great addition to the Murphy team. He is a respected authority figure and cares for the students he is entrusted with to deliver safely each day.

In Harry’s spare time away form driving School Bus he spent many years as a volunteer with the Boy Scout Organization and is currently a volunteer driver 1 day every week for the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre.

Harry’s attention to detail sets him apart as a professional driver and makes him an excellent role model for other School Bus Drivers. His dedication and willingness to grow, change, adapt, keep pace in our industry and his constant professional attitude makes Harry a deserving recipient of the “Exceptional School Bus Driver Recognition” award and recognized for his contribution to education.

Eldon Schmidt

First Student Goderich would like to recognize Eldon Schmidt for School Bus Safety Week

Eldon engages the students on his bus by playing games such as asking memory questions to keep the younger students occupied on the bus.  He is always will to help out other drivers if needed. Eldon suffered a loss this past school year losing his mother. During this difficult time Eldon didn’t miss a day of driving. 

Ed Blagdon

J&T Murphy St. Marys would like to acknowledge Ed Blagdon.

Ed starting driving a school bus route in September 2006.  He consistently demonstrates his care for the safety of his riders.  Ed does not miss details in his route and is very efficient in having changes made that keep his riders safe.  He maintains a consistent daily schedule. Recently Ed went above and beyond by sacrificing his time to make sure that he drove his route and delivered the riders to school.  In thanking Ed for his sacrifice he stated, “you know I won’t miss a day of driving and will do what I can to get the students to school”. It is this kind of commitment and positive attitude that makes Ed an asset to the St Marys yard.

Eileen Eden

First Student Stratford would like to recognize Eileen Eden on School Bus Safety Week.

Eileen drives a specialized bus.  She shows care and compassion for her students.  Her attendance is exemplary. There is never as much as a sigh of disapproval when she is pulled in a different direction to complete at task over and above her normal duties.   She gets the job done!

Helen Hummel

J&T Murphy Clinton would like to recognize Helen Hummel

Helen began her bus driving career with Murphy Bus Lines in 1994.  For many years Helen serviced Blyth Public School until its closing.  Since that time she has driven for Hullett Central Public School. She is always friendly and courteous.  She has the ability to manage her students with respect and fairness. Each day Helen has a friendly wave to her fellow colleagues who she meets on her daily travels.  She is well liked by her students (present and past), school staff and her community.

Each year Helen participates in the Bus Evacuation Program held at the school, enjoying teaching safety techniques to her passengers.  She attends all safety training sessions offered by Murphy Bus Lines stating that she learns something new at each meeting. Helen is an “accident free” driver always putting the safety of her students firs and foremost in all she does.

Helen has an exemplary attendance record and is never late for her scheduled duties.  Her bus is kept clean and organized.  

Thank you Helen for your daily commitment to the safe, reliable and responsible transportation of our passengers. 

Pauline Johnson

J&T Murphy Seaforth would like to recognize Pauline Johnson. Pauline drives a full size specialized bus for St. James School and Seaforth Public School. Pauline has perfect attendance. She also accepts extra charter work. Pauline adores the children on her bus and they respect her as well. Pauline is always willing to that little bit extra when needed.

Jane Linker

Newry Coach Lines would like to nominate Jane Linker to be recognized. Jane drives a double route every day. She also does all the preparing and delivery of training sessions of all staff. She is the Signing Authority for the Driver Certification Program. This keeps Jane Busy ensuring we are current with MTO requirements and guidelines. Jane is also a member of a committee assembled by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association for bus road safety. There is hardly a day go by that Jane isn’t having a conversation regarding road safety issues. Especially troubling this year is the amount of vehicles passing a stopped school bus. Jane is constantly
encouraging our staff about diligence at stops to ensure we are doing everything possible to ensure students are able get to and from school safely every day. We at Newry’s appreciate the opportunity to highlight members of the staff and the efforts they make every day to go above and beyond for student safety.

Tedd Mabb

J&T Murphy LTD. Mitchell would like to recognize Ted Mabb.

Ted started driving school bus 12 years ago in Mitchell, driving rural runs then moving to a town run where he is still drives M-5.  Ted takes pride in his job, which is evident in the respect he receives on his bus and his safe driving record. Feedback received from parents and school staff is positive and complimentary. The route runs on time and Ted takes pride in being dependable.

Ted can be counted on rain or shine.  He greets office staff, other drivers, students and parents with a smile on his face. Ted’s wit is bound to make you laugh and brighten the room or bus. He willingly participates in any school or shop spirit day as per his picture wearing PJ, s.

As a Murphy employee, Ted always participates in meetings and all safety training.  He remains aware and up to date in what is happening and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Ted is the recipient of the Tom Murphy award each year for his continued safe driving.  Ted is a knowledgeable resource on driving a school bus and dealing with large groups of students for all drivers that join our team.

Keith Cameron

Montgomery Bus Lines is proud to put Keith Cameron forward for this year’s Driver Recognition. Keith has been with Montgomery’s for 5 years and has quickly become a favourite with our customers, fellow drivers and office staff. Keith drives a full-time route to FE Madill and can often be found driving charters. Keith’s customer service with our school charters goes beyond everyone’s expectations. Keith is known around here for keeping the cleanest bus in our fleet and Keith can often be heard saying, “A
clean bus is a safe bus”.