Yearly Archive 2018

Larry Morrison

Newry Coach Lines would like to recognize Larry Morrison.

Larry was first hired in 2005 as a part-time/spare driver.  Always the cheerful one in a room, Larry is the employee we all are looking for.  Always in early to sweep his bus, Larry has been driving full-time since 2010. He time-shares a route with another driver as this allows Larry to work at his other job while still keeping him in the front seat of his bus.  He is always communicating with the other driver regarding his previous trip and current student support strategies.

Larry has quipped many times that if he won the lottery, he would quit his other job and drive bus full time, as this is what he really enjoys.  We constantly talk with our drivers about becoming engaged with the students, as this is a great way to help eliminate discipline issues. There is hardly a day goes by that Larry doesn’t come into the office at days end with a story about one of his students and what they have been up to.

The biggest compliment that any driver could get was paid to Larry just this week.  One of our ESL students gave Larry a note at end of day thanking him for being her driver and making her feel safe on the bus.  Does it get any better than that?

Any company would do well to have a whole complement of “Larry’s” working for them.

Rein Breitmaier

Montgomery Bus Lines would like to recognize Rein Breitmaier.

Rein has been part of the Montgomery Bus Lines team for the past 8 years.  He is a driver who has a smile on his face each and every day and is always willing to go the extra mile for our students.  Rein is our go-to charter driver for school trips heading to Toronto and we always receive excellent feedback from our schools when Rein has taken them on a trip.  When Rein was informed that he had been chosen for this recognition, he said he’d always been taught that any job worth doing is worth doing well, and he has certainly approached school bus driving with that enthusiasm.  Rein is very safety conscious and has maintained a collision free record, year after year.  When asked for a comment, this was his reply, “It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to ensure they get safely home from school.  Be part of a village where everyone drives like every student matters.”

Bonnie Hymers

J & T Murphy Ltd Mitchell would like to recognize Bonnie Hymers.

Bonnie has been driving a school bus for 29 years, has received perfect attendance for years, and has received the Tom Murphy award for safe driving since the program started.    She is the driver you can always go to at the last minute for help, even if it is only to deliver items forgotten on the school bus from the Mitchell office to the school.

Bonnie is the driver that the Mitchell location will call in the winter months or on fog days, as early as 5 AM, to see how the weather is in Monkton.

Bonnie volunteers her time for programs including picking up MDHS students each year after their annual walkathon, and making sure that the Murphy drivers get home safely after their annual Christmas party.

She was always part of the solution in helping to improve student success on the bus and is willing to try any suggestions to keep the students on her bus safe.

Bonnie takes part in all training supplied by Murphy’s and is always willing to offer help and suggestions to other drivers.

As one of our main charter drivers in Mitchell, groups will call and ask for her in particular to drive their group. She pays attention to details, and is always accommodating to the groups. She is professional in dealing with parents and students, and is a great asset to the busing community. Her shining example is what all bus drivers should want to be! Amazing person.



Helen Koricina

J & T Murphy Exeter would like to recognize Helen Koricina.

Helen has been in the Murphy Bus Lines family for many years. In fact, in January of 2019, it will be 30 years. She fondly speaks of how she came to drive for the Murphy’s. Helen had been caring for her mother for a year. Six months after her mother passed Helen decided she should be doing something. Murphy’s had an ad in the newspaper looking for drivers so she called them up and started driving for them the next morning. She started driving a car and drove to many different schools over her career. She did get her B licence, but did not want to drive a big bus. Occasionally Helen would end up driving the commuter bus between Arva and Lucan where it was like a party bus listening to all the lively chatting of the drivers. When McCurdy Public School in Huron Park closed, Helen did start to drive a big bus to Hensall daily. It was at this time when Helen also had a monitor riding on her bus. This would be Helen’s route for many years. Helen now drives a Specialized Transportation vehicle and is caring and conscientious with her students and their parents on a daily basis.

Helen always has a smile and can be counted on to always have time to stop and chat. Helen will tell you she really appreciates Murphy’s and is loyal to them because they have always “treated her right”. Helen takes great pride in her work and enjoys coming to work every day and does so with a professional attitude. Helen is always trying to bring new drivers to our profession and our company. Helen is an exemplary employee, attends all of the safety meetings and is a proud supporter of Murphy Bus Lines. In all of her years of service Helen has only missed one of the annual Christmas parties and really enjoys getting to see all the people she has worked with through the years.

Thank you Helen, we appreciate you!



Don Robinson

J & T Murphy Ltd St. Marys would like to recognize Don Robinson.

Don Started in April 2005. Throughout his career with Murphy St. Marys, Don has driven routes to and from all of the schools we service. He is always a participant in our meetings, bus evacuation, and First Ride programs. Don takes pride in his job and work area and it reflects with his students and their parents. He has taken to the heart the meaning of transporting our “precious cargo” in a safe and courteous manner. The feedback that is received from the parents on his route is, and has always been positive and complimentary. To quote a recent call a parent made “we have peace of mind knowing that Don takes our children to and from school everyday.”


Bill Campbell

J & T Murphy Seaforth would like to recognize Bill Campbell.

Bill as he has been with the company rain, snow or shine since 2005.    He has held a number of roles within the Seaforth location during that time. For a couple of years, Bill was one of Murphy’s Bus Driver Trainers. He is a very safe and cautious driver, always on time, and he is excellent with all his students. Bill ensures that they are all picked up and taken home safely.

Bruce Horton

J & T Murphy Ltd Clinton would like to recognize Bruce Horton as an exceptional driver and valued employee.

Bruce obtained his B licence in 1998 and has been driving full-time since that date. Bruce’s daily routine consists of transporting elementary and secondary school aged children who attend the AMDSB and HPCDSB schools.

Bruce is the epitome of the professional school bus driver. He is conscientious and meticulous in every aspect of his daily routine.

The safety of his passengers is first and foremost in everything that Bruce does. He instills the importance of safety in each student that he transports. When crossing in front of the bus, each student from JK to grade 12, can be witnessed looking to Bruce for direction before crossing. Each year Bruce participates in bus evacuation drills, teaching his students how to keep safe on and off the bus in case of an emergency or incident. Bruce attends every safety and training session that is offered by the company. If he is uncertain of a new policy or procedure he does not hesitate to ask informed questions so that he may better educate himself, thus providing optimal service to his students. His diligence to safety can be noted by his collision free driving record.

In every action and conversation with students or co- workers it is evident that Bruce respects each individual and in return is given the same respect. Each student is greeted with a “good morning” and receive a “have a good day” when they have arrived at school.

Bruce is an exemplary member of the MBL family and deserving of recognition for his dedication to safety.


Donna Holmes

First Student Stratford would like to recognize Donna Holmes.

Donna has been a driver at the Stratford First Student location since December of 2013.  Always steadfast and very competent, she drives her route to Sprucedale School in Shakespeare.   Donna shows patience and kindness each and every day. She never flusters on the radio in times of need, which in turn keeps the students calm on the bus.  In a recent incident, something flew off of a passing transport and hit her windshield. She was able to keep everyone calm and kept everyone safe while they had to transfer buses.   No one was injured in the incident but we knew the students would be in good hands. Another recent event involved a young student losing a tooth on the bus and not being able to find it.  After the run, Donna took extra time to find the tooth and was able to return it back to the student. These are only a couple examples of Donna’s kindness and dedication to First Student and her small charges.   

First Student salutes drivers like Donna who help transport students safely, on time, and ready to learn in school. 

John Orr

First Student Goderich would like to recognize John Orr.

John began as a driver with First Student Goderich on January 7, 2008 and has been a driver of a specialized transportation vehicle for most of those 10 years. John takes care to know how his passengers react to their environment and he is able to develop a great rapport by finding ways to communicate with the children to make their ride enjoyable as well as educational.  He makes learning a fun experience for all. This school year, John’s route changed from being an in-town route where he has known the children for a while to a route with only 2 students.

In the short time that he has been transporting these children, it is obvious he has developed an outstanding rapport with them already. Wednesday October 4, he went to the school early as he had been invited by the teacher to join one of his students in the classroom to help him make wings so that he could fly. John readily accepted the invitation and enjoyed the time spent helping his passenger in the classroom environment.

John’s willingness to always lend a helping hand, excellent communication with his passengers, and genuinely care about their feelings and well being, makes him a great driver with First Student.


Paul Voll

Elliott Coach Lines would like to recognize Paul Voll from the Listowel Location.

Paul is an invaluable member who brings a professional and patient attitude into his everyday encounters. He has been driving for Elliott’s for 11 years. Originally, he started driving when he retired from farming. Paul enjoys everything about the job but most of all he enjoys the sense family connection at Elliott Coach Lines. Paul constantly shows his amazing personality and skills for the trade that we call busing. With his humble attitude always present and his eagerness to set an example, he is well respected by his students and the Elliott Coach Lines family. We truly are thrilled to have Paul on our team.