Bus Safety Programs

Pre-School/Early Years Bus Safety Program

  • A Pre-School Bus Safety program will be coordinated by the HPSTS General Manager and scheduled by the School Bus Company.
  • The schedule of dates will be drawn up between the School and the School Bus Contractor and dates are to be provided to HPSTS.
  • The O.P.P. Community Services Officer or the local police in a town School will participate as available.
  • The program will last approximately one hour and includes a video, a bus ride and crossing the road with the bus, with refreshments served afterwards as determined by the School.
  • It is the responsibility of each elementary School Principal or designate to ensure the following are supplied when they arrive at your School:
    1. Two responsible senior students (grade 7/8) to assist with the program;
    2. Name tags for each child – first name only;
    3. Milk or juice and cookies for each child as determined by the School;
    4. Coffee or juice for the Parents or Guardians as determined by the School;
    5. A TV and a VCR/DVD/Projector

Bus Evacuation Program

Coordinated and scheduled by the School Bus Company and School Staff with dates and times provided to HPSTS.

    Assembly in Gym (including Teaching Staff);

  • Review bus riding responsibilities and review the “BUS RULES” Sign (eating/anaphylaxis) by School Bus Company Safety Team.
  • Importance of evacuation plan in case of an emergency and stressing the importance of older students taking responsibility.
  • Video
  • Discussion
  • Hydro wires and engine fire
  • Bus moving (School Bus Driver collapses)
  • Use of Radio & Identify all Safety Equipment and Lights

    Demonstration in Bus (Students and School Bus Drivers)

  • Complete a rear door evacuation
  • Demonstration of a side window evacuation by the School Bus Company Safety Team and student helpers (as required).