School Bus Safety Initiatives

Huron Perth Student Transportation Services in conjunction with the OPP, local Police, and the 8-36 Bus Operators Association have adopted various safety initiatives to ensure that our students have a safe ride to and from school each day as follows:

HPSTS, the OPP and the 8-36 School Bus Operators Association have been providing a School bus safety program for many years that sends a consistent message to all students in all HPSTS Consortium Schools.

The Fall Elementary program includes a Bus Evacuation Drills with bus Evacuation video, in-class safety program, student participation in a rear door emergency exit drill, and a demonstration of a side window evacuation by the School Bus Company Safety Team and helpers.

The Spring Elementary program includes a Winnie the Pooh video for students starting JK, an in-class safety program, and a School bus ride for students and adults demonstrating how to enter and exit the bus safely, bus safety features, bus rules, and each family receives a handout detailing bus safety, inclement weather, and answers to frequently asked questions.

School Bus Info Handout

HPSTS has developed a handout which outlines School bus safety rules, Student Transportation policies and procedures, as well as HPSTS contact information. The handouts are distributed to all Schools and JK/SK students at School registration. You can download First Ride information handout here.

Camera Surveillance

All Bus Contractors have at least one camera in each vehicle. They are owned by the Bus Companies as part of their negotiated rate.

The surveillance systems assist both School Bus Drivers and Schools with discipline issues arising on the School Bus.

This program, developed by HPSTS with the assistance of School Staff and Bus Companies participating in the program is designed to identify JK and SK students, assist in identifying bus students, helping new School Bus Drivers identify JK and SK students, and helping the School Bus Driver identify which students must be met by Parents or Guardians at the end of the day.

GPS on Vehicles

All Bus Contractors have a ratio of one GPS unit for every 2 Non-Specialized Transportation vehicles. They are owned and maintained by the School Bus Company as part of their negotiated rate.

All Bus Contractors have one GPS unit for every Specialized Transportation vehicle. They are owned and maintained by the School Bus Company as part of their negotiated rate.

As a member of the Great Lakes Transportation Association, HPSTS and the Partner School Boards have been instrumental in developing a series of School Bus Safety related PSA’s for use by the Association members.

Over the years, PSA’s have been created for TV and Radio based on the content of the message and the audience we were trying to reach. Our latest effort focusing School Bus Loading Zones was produced for TV. We are currently researching updating our older TV content to HD.

The Great Lakes Transportation Association also makes these PSA’s available for a subscription rate to other organizations and Consortia.

School Bus Rules

The Great Lakes Transportation Association determined that it was key for students to be reminded daily of their expectations while riding the School bus. A standardized School Bus Rules sign with 5 basic rules was developed and used by 8-36 Bus Operators associated with the Great Lakes Transportation Association. These signs are to be displayed on the front bulkhead of every School bus.

To assist students who have challenges reading and understanding the standard bus rules, Graphic bus rules have been developed for use on Specialized Transportation routes and routes serving young children.

You can download the School Bus Rules here.